Huichol Peyote Mandala UV Painting - 100x100cm - painted on order - fully blacklight glowing colors - peyote visionary artwork

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Huichol peyote mandala blacklight painting

No cheap print, handmade with UV colors painted on fabric

Please do not wash with washing machine.

The painting is eyed for to hang it up easy on each side.

Impregnated for to be water resistant.

This piece of art is a wonderful decoration.
Second picture shows blacklight effect.

1 x 1 meter size / 100cmx100cm

handpainted after order within 2 weeks,
therefore 3-4 weeks delivery time.
paintings we ship only with tracking number
transport lines can be cleaned by ironing the backside
please consider that everytime we paint
it will be a little bit different and unique
we can paint any custom order picture that
you send us in any wished size

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