Goldbrown Seed of Life star holy geometry patch sacred art

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A seed of life holy geometry patch.

Applyable on any skirt, Bag etc. or
use it as decoration on an altar or wall.

Of course it is machine washable.

every piece of art has been made without computer technology.

~18cm diameter
colours used are glowing in blacklight

please note
that shipping time is currently ~ 2-3 weeks,
because we are now travelling in asia and ship from there.
but anyway we responde to messages within 48 hours
and shipping is no problem :)

T-Shirt order possible! Please let us know your size and colour
(black, white, deepgreen, purple, deepblue, etc.) for 10€ extra only.

Flower of Life can be made on T-Shirt backside for 5€ extra.

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