Bicycle Day LSD long Pants - 9 pockets with 4 zip locks - cult Albert Hofmann vintage - any size available handmade after order

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Beautiful psychedelic Albert Hofmann Bicycle Day pants

Intelligent design, can be made into shorts with zip lock

Comes with 9 pockets, 4 of them with zip lock and 3 with clips.
High quality and comfortable to wear when its hot.
Especially for festivals very practical.
Fitting both women & men :)
Attracts similar people by our experience ;)

Any size can be chosen as it is handmade after order,
we also offer custom size according to your measurements.

100% cotton fabric with silk embroidery
high quality zip locks for long use
machine washable @ 40°C / 104 °F
blacklight active, outlines and embroidery glows in UV

size XXS = basin diameter 76cm / ~30 inches
size XS = basin diameter 79cm / ~31.1 inches
size S = basin diameter 82cm / ~32.3 inches
size M = basin diameter 85cm / ~33.5 inches
size L = basin diameter 88cm / ~34.7 inches
size XL = basin diameter 91cm / ~35.8 inches
size XXL = basin diameter 94cm / ~37 inches
size XXXL = basin diameter 97cm / ~38.2 inches
size 4XL = basin diameter 100cm / ~39.4 inches
size 5XL = basin diameter 103cm / ~40.5inches

In case a pant is too small or too big we offer exchange

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