Albert Hofmann Bicycle Day UV jacket Lila Purple Turquese - blacklight active 4 pockets with hood and flower of life embroidery

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Albert Hofmann Bicycle Day jacket in lila purple turquese:)

This psychedelic cozy jacket is a beautiful eyecatcher.
Intentionally designed to be light and perfect for dancing...

All Bicycle Day & flower of life embroideries done
with love so Dr. Hofmann wears a happy smi²le :)

A comfortable hood and 4 pockets,
2 of them with zip lock and loads of space,
make the jacket also very practical.

100% blacklight selfmade embroidery
no cheap prints, no computer used

UV active yellow outlines customizable in any color
High quality zip locks for long use
Handmade after order in any wished size

This beautiful celebration jacket is ment for to
come together, join the party ;)

Attention, the pink color of this jacket is eventually
loosing color with first washings so please wash it
the first times seperate!

machine washable @ 40°C / 104 °F

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